We have a vision to create a better tomorrow for everyone, supporting organisations to embrace new technology, improve business efficiency and enhance customer experience.

We have been the client.  We know what good looks like, have a proven track record of delivering digital business change and know how to bring this alive for your business.  Our company will go beyond the norm to accelerate your business growth and be with you to ensure success, from project launch through to operations and delivery.  We focus on the benefits to you and your customers. Our output will be simple to understand and we translate the technology value to you.

This is how we came up with our name L3O Consulting, and we will:

L is for Launch

be there at the start to help launch your project, create your strategy and focus on the outcome for you and your customers.

3 is for Expand

assist you in expanding the team to make the initiative a success. Combining the skills you have, compliment with the skills you need and work with partners that will accelerate the outcome.

O is for Operate

be there with you to make sure the momentum remains into delivery, ensuring ongoing success, innovation and the desired business outcome.

So why the 3 instead of an E?  3 is our desire to keep things simple.  People remember things best in 3’s and our output to you will be understandable and prioritised to 3 key points.

In addition to our vision and how we provide services, at the core of our business are 3 simple values:




We are confident we will be able to contribute to your success in the future.

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