Where does digital transformation start, and how does boardroom take a grip?

Well established companies that once dominated the market face threats from new challengers who are nimbler and will leverage technology to out compete.

The current C19 situation is demonstrating that now more than ever, providing an excellent customer and employee experience is essential in today’s marketplace. Businesses must put both digital and mobile at top priority to remain both relevant and competitive.

True digital transformation will involve the entire organisation and should leave no stone left unturned to deliver strategic objectives. The decision to disrupt an existing revenue stream may pave the way for a more sustainable source of income through new digital channels.  

Leadership teams typically start with a vision on how drive digital transformation; however, it is not a digital vision, but rather a vision for the organization in the digital age. The distinction is critical for success.

Over the past months, L3O has interviewed market leaders who are creating digital transformation strategies. We have established that there are common challenges for digital business, regardless of sector or geography. L3O have established an approach to overcoming those challenges and our post diagram represents our methodology.

L3O will support designing new experiences and business models. Use digital expertise and leverage partners as an opportunity to create new and a better digital outcome for your business. Developing a culture of digital DNA and help create a framework for change.

The existing leadership structures in most organizations are not best equipped to drive the change required for digital disruption. Roles like Head of Digital, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) are essential for the new age of digital business. L3O have this experience and can provide this capability “as a service” bringing technology up the stack of importance and aligning to your business strategy.

No company can succeed on their own with digital transformation, an ecosystem of co-creation and innovation with well-established enterprise leaders and challengers is on hand to help. Let L3O look at the art of the possible with you in readiness to Launch, 3xpand and Operate a digital strategy.

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